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What We Offer

Through our commitment to customer service we provide product and services from start to finish. We invite you to come and see the difference.

Products & Services

CEC Elevator Cab Corp specializes in designing, manufacturing, delivering and installing new elevator cabs, or modernizing existing cabs. An elevator cab (or car, as it is known in the industry) refers to the interior of an elevator.


We manufacture and install:

  • Glass, stone, plastic laminate panels or any other material specified

  • Stainless-steel or cold-rolled steel shells, along with bronze, brass, or 5WL designs on the walls

  • Aluminum, steel, bronze, glass or stone mosaic designs

  • Gage cast design

We specialize in light-weight material, including 1/16” laminated glass and printed glass designs back-lit with LED lighting.


We manufacture and install custom handrails in any finish and design.



We manufacture ceilings out of a variety of materials, including stainless steel, bronze, brass, and aluminum. We can make entire ceilings out of LED panels, creating a ceiling of pure light. Our most popular ceiling features the installation of cove lighting, LED down-lights and halogen tubes.


We install rubber, stainless steel or bronze studded tiles, carpeting in endless designs, and stone, porcelain or vinyl flooring.


We manufacture UL Certified elevator and entrance doors and deliver them for installation.


We manufacture and install UL Certified entrances and jambs to specification in any finish.


We manufacture and install metal cladding for lobby walls, as well as permanent fixtures in lobbies, such as desks.

Design & Engineering

Our team of professionals works hard to deliver an outstanding product. We pride ourselves on our ability to design an elevator cab that will not only impress but will also withstand the traffic of any building.

We understand that no elevator is the same and that a building's lobby and elevator must work well together. With this understanding, we strive to create a design that will complement the aesthetic of any building. Using the finest materials that meet code requirements, we are able to render a design that will be both appealing and lasting.

During the initial meeting with the customer we make note of the details of the building as well as any upcoming renovations. We use this information to develop an elevator cab design, working hand in hand with our customer, as well as with their architect and engineers. Together, we create a final product that reflects the customer's vision while also being code compliant and as cost effective as possible.


With a hand-picked team of technicians who are veterans in the industry, we take pride in delivering a quality product.

Our 30,000 square-foot facility is separated into several departments, including modernization, new construction, repair and finishing. Our in-house state-of-the-art metal shop enables us to custom-make any type of architectural metal. Our technicians work hand in hand with our engineers to accurately fabricate the products needed for each project.


We fabricate entrances for new construction, as well as re-cladding existing entrances. We are fully UL-Certified Company with the ability to create full, custom-made entrances as well as stackable entrances for any building.


Our team of qualified field technicians work diligently to put together a product that exceeds our customers expectations. They are veterans in the industry, working closely with our plant managers to ensure that each project is not only delivered on time, but also meets the highest standard of quality. With a combined experience of 75 years in the industry, our technicians are well vetted to handle any project with superior service.


In addition to new construction and modernization of elevator cabs, we also perform minor repair work for elevator cabs. Because elevator cabs often become damaged, we are experts at matching existing materials. Our in-house team actively updates product lines and finishes to ensure that we are almost always able to provide an exact match to a previously used material. Whether it is stone, glass, architectural metal or plastic laminate, we will minimize the customer's costs by matching and repairing a damaged panel.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

CEC Elevator Cab Corp was established with our customers in mind. A family owned business for over 25 years, our team has always delivered superior customer service and a quality product. We work hard to set ourselves apart from our competitors by focusing on each and every detail to ensure outstanding performance. Our work ethic and dedication enable us to provide our customers with the proper coordination, planning and scheduling needed for a successful project. In addition, we are always working to keep our technology state of the art.

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