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What We Do

CEC Elevator Cab Corp is a state-of the art company, specializing in the modernization, design, construction, and installation of custom elevator cabs and interiors, as well as, entrances for both commercial and residential projects. Located in a spacious 30,000 square-foot plant in the Bronx borough of New York, CEC Elevator Cab Corp is a self-sufficient manufacturing plant, complete with its own metal fabrication, paint and refinishing shops. Many of the thousands of projects that CEC has been involved in over the years, have not only been fabricated but designed by CEC as well.


Product & Services

CEC Elevator Cab Corp specializes in designing, manufacturing, delivering and installing new elevator cabs, or modernizing existing cabs. An elevator cab (or car, as it is known in the industry) refers to the interior of an elevator.

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We fabricate entrances for new construction, as well as re-cladding existing entrances. We are fully UL-Certified Company with the ability to create full, custom-made entrances as well as stackable entrances for any building.



In addition to new construction and modernization of elevator cabs, we also perform minor repair work for elevator cabs. Because elevator cabs often become damaged, we are experts at matching existing materials. 


Design & Engineering

Our team of professionals works hard to deliver an outstanding product. We pride ourselves on our ability to design an elevator cab that will not only impress but will also withstand the traffic of any building.

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Our team of qualified field technicians work diligently to put together a product that exceeds our customers expectations. They are veterans in the industry, working closely with our plant managers to ensure that each project is not only delivered on time, but also meets the highest standard of quality. 

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CEC - Web Backgrounds.png
CEC - Web Backgrounds.png

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