CEC Elevator Cab Corp was established with a firm commitment to providing the highest quality products and services. Our unparalleled expertise is based on our many years of experience in all aspects of the elevator cab industry, including design, engineering, manufacturing and installation. Our staff is carefully selected for their knowledge and dedication to meeting the many challenges facing our industry.

We assist our customers with every phase of their project, ensuring that the job is completed on time with the help of our dedicated team of plant, field supervisors, experienced mechanics and installers. We also help our customers with establishing a budget for the job and with design services, if needed along with fabrication and installation.

Our services include any type of cab repair, architectural metal work, and cab maintenance. We can work with architects and designers, or we will design to our customers' specification, taking into account aesthetics, cost-effectiveness and serviceability. We look forward to having the opportunity to serve your needs in the near future.